Process design & Engineering

Our long experience as a producer has proven that the stage between design and production start is essential for the successful project realization. This is the reason that we have developed a system through which the visualized idea becomes final product corresponding to the planned time and qualitative parameters. Process design & Engineering includes the following services:


Detailed technical development

  • Development of technical solutions in accordance with the technological production capabilities and the customer’s requirements;

  • Preparation of detailed drawings in accordance with the technological production capabilities;

  • Preparation of technical documentation and detailed specification of the project/products;

  • Determination and specifications of the quality parameters for the project/product ;

  • Preparation of assembling and packaging instructions;

Detailed processes planning

  • Determining the technological stages for realization of the projects;

  • Time planning of the stages;

Engineering and cost analysis

  • Detailed cost calculation of the project/product;

  • Case analysis of technical solutions for cost and time reduction for realization of the projects/products;