ARCHIDEA has more than 15 years of experience in furniture industry, as well as we proudly state that it is a representative of some of the leading companies for interior design, production and FF&E procurement in Bulgaria. Established with the drive and ambition, ARCHIDEA aims at providing personalized style of life, work, entertainment or rest by the means of the interior design.

Archidea Project Ltd Mission

Our company mission is establishment of a sustainable system ensuring constant stable level of quality and time schedules for every project realization. In this manner we do our best to meet our costumers requirements related to the variety and quality of requested design. The system is based on the constant improvement of the processes and staff training. The main advantage of our company is our readiness to build a safe and inspiring environment for the company’s team.

Archidea Project Ltd Vision

Company vision is modernization and improvement of processes and technologies, which will lead to reduced costs for project realization. Through leading world practices and professionalism of the employees and management, ARCHIDEA goal is to become a leader in the realization of interior projects in Europe.